Weather NowCasting

for Storm Spotters and Storm Chasers.


Everyone knows what weather forecasting is -- but what is weather NowCasting?

NowCasting is a trained weather spotter sitting at a computer, monitoring the radios and reading a live radar feed to help guide weather spotters and storm chasers to the right storm at the right time.

Steve Douglass (founder and sysop of the Reporter’s Edge) has over 15 years storm chasing and storm spotting experience and is a certified NWS and Amarillo Emergency Service severe weather spotter. 

Now he is offering his services and  expertise in storm spotting/chasing for anyone interested in severe weather via real-time “NowCasting” for only $35.00 a severe weather event! 

Steve will guide you and (or) your storm chasers via cellphone or computer to the most severe storms, putting you in the perfect position for storm spotting, photography and video photography. 

From his monitoring post, Steve will (in real-time) study live radar feeds, satellite images, current weather data and graphical forecasts, NSSL predictions, SPC forecasts and relay that data to you while you are in the field.

More importantly  he will also advise you on which roads to safely approach the storm from and notify you of current storm spotter network radio traffic (Ham nets in the Texas Panhandle) NWS watches, current warnings and storm damage reports.

E-mail  Steve Douglass here for more information.


What is NowCasting?